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Schecter Synyster Gates Special Black


Do you have a suitable and beautiful electric guitar? If you are not, the Schecter Synyster Gates Special Black Guitar is a good choice. If you want to own it, CONTACT US NOW!!!

The Schecter Synyster Gates Special Black Guitar has a special body Synyster style mahogany set neck a 3-piece mahogany with an Ultra Access heel and ebony fingerboard 24 frets. It is equipped with Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader humbuckers with coil-splitting, a Floyd Rose original and the lock nut, and Schecter tuners. Appointments include a formal signing Syn skull logo on the back of the doll and personalized Syn Skull S me knobs.These high quality tuners feature classic design in a Tier lubricated and sealed to protect the gears for a period of life maintenance free game play.

Details the Schecter Synyster Gates Special Black Guitar include a 15: 1 speed ratio for precise control and smooth, removable buttons, threaded socket hex peg, and a diameter of 10 mm ankle hole. Ebony, has a catchy crisp attack with the density of maple, but with more brittle grains, oilier pores, and a strong fundamental tone than maple. He has a tremendous amount of percussive overtones in the selection attack, which muted soon after to support large, long, sustain.Designed for the heaviest tones a passive pickup can produce. The combination of three ceramic magnets, over wound coils and twelve black oxide cap screws make the Invader an electrifying force of energy.