Schecter Synyster Custom Guitar


Are you a electric guitar player? Do you know the Schecter Synyster Custom Guitar? It is a characteristic guitar, a lot of players collect it. If you want to collect it, too. GIVE US AN E-MAIL!!!

There is the Schecter Synyster Custom Guitar Features. This guitar standard is based on the body shape Avenger, a long-term winner. The silver finish and black stripes are both killer and chic, with black and binding material on top of that. Custom Overlays “SYN” and the “Deathbat” at the 12th fret make it better for a unique and striking instrument.

The Schecter Synyster Custom Guitar most common handle, Rosewood is naturally oily, and works well for any surface that sees frequent human contact. The sound is richer in fundamental than Maple because the stray overtones are absorbed into the oily pores. The HB-108 is called the Detonator and is based on the high-output, Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader. Ultra high output humbucker built for aggressive playing styles. Recommended for punk, garage, thrash, metal and other heavy rock styles.

Maple has a uniform grain, it is solid and stable and has less reaction from environmental changes than other hardwoods in the Schecter Synyster Custom Guitar. His tone is highly reflective, and focuses more energy on the timber body. Maple transfers a lively tone to the body which complements the warm tones of a mahogany body.

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