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Synyster Schecter Custom Guitar


Are you interested in the Synyster Schecter Custom Guitar? If you are, what are you waiting for? The best expression of your love is to BUY IT NOW!!!

The Synyster Schecter Custom Guitar is the dream of a shredder. Its 24 jumbo frets and flat-as-Kansas ebony give you crisp, snappy attack. It is dense like maple, but with heavier pores, more brittle grains, and a strong fundamental. Ebony is the tonewood you want at your fingertips if you fretting shredding. It increases your pick attack with percussive accents Mute fleshy quickly and drive your support. With the Floyd Rose, you can easily see why the Synyster Schecter Custom Guitar is at the base.

You can not beat abundant sustain that you will get out of your humbucking neck pickup Synyster Schecter Custom Guitar, literally! The single pickup design features to support a special circuit which is crafted to leave ring marks as long as you like. Just a kick in the support circuit, play a note or chord on your Synyster Schecter Custom Guitar, and let the electromagnetic feedback carry your sound as long as you like. You did not release a solo until you have shaken a Synyster Schecter Custom Guitar!