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Schecter Synyster Special Guitar


The Schecter Synyster Special Guitar is a good guitar, a lot of people love it. If you are one of them, what are you waiting for? Our shop is a guitar custom shop, we can make it as your requires. Contact us to BUY IT NOW!!!

The Schecter Synyster Special Guitar has a special body Synyster style mahogany set neck a 3-piece mahogany with an Ultra Access heel and ebony fingerboard 24 frets. The wide magnetic field pumps power into your amp with a totally heavy sound. A push and switch active tone control pull coil splitting for single-coil tones.Made with 3 pieces of mahogany for added stability. Three-piece neck can withstand the test of time.

Where Schecter Synyster Special Guitar standard necks may show aging defects temperature and humidity changes over the years, the neck part 3 will stay straight for a lifetime playability. Official Syn skull logo signature on the back headstock .Volume and tone control corresponding to d me with the infamous metal buttons Syn skull and Floyd Rose Tremolo tophat logo.The system is used by more professionals worldwide than any other. No copy can reproduce the patented double-lock design of the Floyd Rose system that lets you lock your guitar in the air at the nut and the bridge. The Floyd Rose tremolo system is crafted like no other tremolo system.

Schecter Synyster Gates Special Black


Do you have a suitable and beautiful electric guitar? If you are not, the Schecter Synyster Gates Special Black Guitar is a good choice. If you want to own it, CONTACT US NOW!!!

The Schecter Synyster Gates Special Black Guitar has a special body Synyster style mahogany set neck a 3-piece mahogany with an Ultra Access heel and ebony fingerboard 24 frets. It is equipped with Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader humbuckers with coil-splitting, a Floyd Rose original and the lock nut, and Schecter tuners. Appointments include a formal signing Syn skull logo on the back of the doll and personalized Syn Skull S me knobs.These high quality tuners feature classic design in a Tier lubricated and sealed to protect the gears for a period of life maintenance free game play.

Details the Schecter Synyster Gates Special Black Guitar include a 15: 1 speed ratio for precise control and smooth, removable buttons, threaded socket hex peg, and a diameter of 10 mm ankle hole. Ebony, has a catchy crisp attack with the density of maple, but with more brittle grains, oilier pores, and a strong fundamental tone than maple. He has a tremendous amount of percussive overtones in the selection attack, which muted soon after to support large, long, sustain.Designed for the heaviest tones a passive pickup can produce. The combination of three ceramic magnets, over wound coils and twelve black oxide cap screws make the Invader an electrifying force of energy.